Whirly ‘PIT’ Litter Problem

The Whirly pits of Olney, has an intriguing history

Rumoured, many years ago, to be a portal into the underworld, from which the devil would emerged riding a carriage pulled by headless horses. It is said to be bottomless and was recently found to be the home of the endangered great crested newt. 

With it’s heritage, and endangered species, it was quite saddening to see a dead moorhen amongst a build up of litter this weekend while taking a walk. 

The Whirly Pits is the kind of area that needs regular maintenance from the council, as it is not an area in which the public can help clean due to the algae on the waters surface.

This has been reported this to the council via their website and a response is pending.

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Pauline Eddy
1 year ago

Think it’s good that people of Olney are vigilant and take it upon themselves to report things such as this

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