Olney Pancake Day Race Saved

Can't stop Dierdre

Olney Local Deirdre Bethune kept the tradition of The Olney Pancake Race alive by taking to the streets with frying pan in hand. She told a friend that she was “going to do it properly” and wear the complete outfit (apron, t-shirt and head scarf), which she had kept from a previous year. Naturally for safety and out of regard for passers by her outfit had the added addition of a face-mask. 

Deirdre who is aged 71 and is a fervent runner, is often seen dashing around the town. When asked what she thought about Olney Pancake Race not taking place this year she said “I run it every year, I don’t want tradition to miss a year”. 

News of her run reached international shores and she was featured on the front page of the local Liberal newspaper in Kansas.

It is tradition for the Verger of the town to kiss the winner of the race. This year however Deirdre’s husband lovingly fulfilled that roll.  

Deirdre Bethune, Lone Pancake Race running, flipping her Pancake in recognition of her win
Deirdre Bethune, Lone Pancake Race runner, holding a friendly pooch

Kiss, Kiss...

A local dog walker who was out for a stroll lent her companion to Deirdre to hold in the way of a trophy. The little Yorkshire terrier was also lucky enough to receive a kiss.The team at Olney life have background in journalism, web, graphic design, and naturally Olney. We are passionate creatives, with a goal to achieve something that everyone can enjoy. Let’s enjoy Olney Life together! 

Olney Pancake Race winner 2021
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