Olney Ward Councillor Corner

The Rec in Olney

The past few weeks have seen an increase in the number of people using many of the brilliant public spaces that exist in our area. This has included Olney’s Recreation Ground where, yet again, we have seen some very unpleasant anti-social behaviour taking place. The consequences of this are felt by many residents who are having to tolerate inconsiderate parking, drunkenness and littering across the town’s wider facilities. One day during the very hot spell of weather in July the Olney fire appliance was held up in its turnout by the disgraceful way some drivers had parked their vehicles; delays getting to fires and road traffic collisions can have a severe negative impact. The Rec is owned and maintained by Olney Town Council and as such they are responsible for dealing with the problem, which appears to be getting worse, year after year. Please send your comments and views on these problems to: townclerk@olneytowncouncil.gov.uk. As ward councillors we are keen to help, where we can, and we will be supporting the Town Council as they look for long term solutions to these ongoing issues.


The Beach – Bury Common, Newport Pagnell

Shortly before going to press, we were also made aware of similar anti-social behaviour issues at The Beach in Newport Pagnell. Whilst this is not in Olney Ward the impact on parts of the ward is unwelcome. We are due to attend a meeting on 25th July to help these parishes in the ward, and we will provide any significant updates in our article next month.


Fancy Being a Firefighter? – ‘Have a Go’ Evening

At 7pm on Tuesday 2nd August Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service are holding a ‘Have a Go’ evening at Olney Fire Station. This would be an ideal opportunity to talk with firefighters about what they do, and what they get from being an on-call firefighter. With the current way the fire service deploys its fire appliances there is not always a need to be at the fire station in minutes. Many of the mobilisations from on-call fire stations are to provide resilience to support those crews who have attended incidents immediately. Being an on-call firefighter will enable you to provide services to the community and you will be trained in new skills that will also enhance your capabilities when being a firefighter, at work and at home. The major incidents of Tuesday 19th July, one of which was the fire at the Kiddi Caru nursery at Walnut Tree, stretched the fire service to very near its limits. Having an on-call crew available at Olney fire station that day enabled the fire appliance there to mobilise and provide stand-by support at a fully manned station ready to deploy if needed. If you feel you can help provide much needed effort, make friends, learn new skills and make a difference, please do attend on 2nd August. If you are interested in learning more about the event and registering for it, please visit www.bucksfire.gov.uk/events.


Planning Obligations, What Are They?

We are regularly asked about planning obligations, often referred to as section 106 or s106. These are legally binding agreements made between local planning authorities and developers, designed to mitigate the impact of development on communities. With significant housing growth taking place across Olney and many of the villages that we represent, it is important to understand how much money is available and how it gets spent. Milton Keynes Council, as the local planning authority, receives approximately £20,000 for each new dwelling which is built in the Borough. Most of this money is then spent on providing additional school and college places and healthcare facilities, as new residents move in and create demand on services. Money is also set aside for things like new household waste bins, play areas, public transport and other necessary requirements. The balance is then distributed to local projects, for example:  Olney Town Council received £7,400 from a Public Art fund to cover the costs of a theatre group, a stage and marquee hire, as part of the Jubilee celebrations in June. If you would like to know more about planning obligations and how to apply for funds, please contact us by emailing: olneyward@milton-keynes.gov.uk.


Accessibility Schemes – Good News for the Olney ward

Every year, Milton Keynes Council invites applications from its Accessibility Improvement Fund. This is money aimed at addressing and improving accessibility issues on roads and footpaths across the Borough. We bid for some and always support applications for local schemes and are pleased to report that four of the six awards this year across the Borough were made to projects in our ward. These are:

  • Steps near 1-5 High Street, Emberton: New handrail installation
  • High Street Corner, near old NatWest Bank on Market Place, Olney: Hatching markings or bollards
  • Market Place, Olney: Improvements to dropped kerb to make it fit for purpose
  • Clifton Court, Olney: Bollards or advisory markings on dropped kerb

Work should start on each of these projects, over the next few weeks. A big thank you to Milton Keynes Council!


Monthly Advice Surgeries

A reminder that our monthly advice surgeries are run in the Olney Centre on the first Friday of each month between 7pm-8pm – appointments are not necessary. Alternatively, we can be contacted at other times by phone or email, our details are as follows:

David Hosking – 07977 996192 – david.hosking@milton-keynes.gov.uk
Keith McLean – 07983 456081 – keith.mclean@milton-keynes.gov.uk
Peter Geary – 01234 714260 – peter.geary@milton-keynes.gov.uk


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