Olney Town Council Elections on May 6th

The time has arrived! In just a few days (6 May) Olney will be one of more than 50 Milton Keynes parish councils holding an election to determine its new group of councillors.


This election usually happens every four years, but last May’s election was postponed because of the Covid pandemic.

There are fifteen places available for election to Olney Town Council, it’s going to be an exciting and interesting contest. Remember, you don’t have to vote for just one favourite – you can mark your voting card with up to fifteen names, so you really do have a chance to get the councillors you want.

But who is on your watch list? How many potential councillors gets your interest going? Which candidates promise to deliver the important changes that you want for Olney? And who has the town’s best interests at heart? Still not sure where your crosses are going on the ballot paper? Let Phonebox Magazine help you come to a decision, with our easy-to-follow guide on all of the candidates. 

There are details about each candidate, along with their past experiences and a vision of what they would like to achieve for Olney. They have all had their say here, and now they’re waiting for your vote.

Who will be elected? It’s in your hands…

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Jack Knight
1 year ago

Looking forward to the results tomorow!

James Brown
1 year ago
Reply to  Jack Knight

So am I

James Brown
1 year ago

We’ll all know tomorrow……

Pauline Eddy
1 year ago

I think its quite exciting, and whoever ‘gets in’ I wish them every success.

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