Councillor in drive to stop traffic danger

Campaigning Debbie Whitworth has launched a petition to have new traffic controls installed along Olney High Street.

The deputy mayor says the pedestrian crossing at the north end of the town’s main through-route – near the One Stop store – is a danger without traffic lights and has been the site of several near-misses.

She says it’s only a matter of time before someone is struck by a car there, and is pressuring Milton Keynes authorities to install a pelican crossing at the site with lights for traffic and a ‘red and green man’ for pedestrians.

Debbie wants to publicise her ‘Stop Means Stop at One Stop’ campaign and is looking for support from local people.

“I want a proper crossing at One Stop,” says Debbie. ”I have a petition which I carry with me all the time and people have been kind enough to support me and sign the form.
The crossing is at a busy part of the High Street and drivers can’t always see when someone is waiting to cross, especially when it starts to get dark.”

She says she has received ‘massive support’ from One Stop. The company has agreed not to send its delivery trucks to the Olney site during school hours as the store is so close to the crossing, and it’s
backing Debbie with her appeal.

Milton Keynes Council have agreed to send a CCTV camera to the site to monitor activity on the current zebra crossing.

“The contractor will be surveying the location and we hope to record activity for two, one-week periods, after which the contractor will provide us with a report of any incidents that were seen,” says Debbie.

“We want MK Council ultimately to make this crossing safe and give the residents of Olney a proper traffic light controlled crossing – ‘Stop means Stop’.

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