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'Olney Life' is a portal into the wonderful market town of Olney

We Love to document olney, from the past and present. . . for the future

Olney Life’s roots are set in the heart of the town, Olney based and on the case, we have a great knowledge of Olney, which we provide for you here. We are very well connected with the community and love to attend the many events the town provides. We keep up to date with all Olney occurrences and our goal is to preserve them here, with your help.

The girls line up at the start of the Olney Pancake Race
The girls arrive at the Olney Raft Race finish line
The spire of St Peter and St Paul's Church in Olney
Cricket in Olney

We love to hear what you know about Olney

Our goal is to build
A community online

Olney Life is also a place to discuss the town of Olney. One of our goals for this website is to build a vibrant community, where residents, visitors and fans of the town can talk to one another and share information  

This is our passion

We love hearing about local history, events, news and people. We will be reporting on the events that occur in Olney, and informing you of all things of interest. 

Learning more about Olney

Over time we want to amass enough information on the town of Olney through our content, that Olney Life will act as ‘hub of history’ for its residents and fans. 

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About the team

Who we are

The team at Olney life have background in journalism, web, graphic design, and naturally Olney. We are passionate creatives, with a goal to achieve something that everyone can enjoy. Let’s enjoy Olney Life together!